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Covid-19 Protocols




  • Please delay contact if you have any of the following symptoms – fever (38deg+), new or worsening cough, sore throat, sneezing or runny nose, loss of smell or altered taste.  

  • Also delay contact if you have had contact with a covid-19 case or have attended a current location of interest. ​

  • As a healthcare provider, all patients will be seen regardless of vaccination status. 

Preventative measures we take to ensure you have a safe visit:

1. Disinfecting the examination room between patients; disinfecting frames with certified UVC lamp (kills all pathogens!)


2. The examination room has an extractor fan and a HEPA grade purifier


These  procedures are to keep staff and clientele safe. 

For more information or make an appointment please call us on 096267713.

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